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Ew, is there an evil weighted blanket on me?

published3 months ago
1 min read

Oh no, that's just depression.

I've been meaning to write to you Reader, but every single time I started typing, a sad trombone would emerge to bludgeon me with unsolicited, mnemonic feedback.

A "womp" with every adjective. A "womp" with every noun.

Womp, womp.

So I performed my perpetual disappearing act.

Perform-ing, I should say, as I'm in the soggy midst of my performance.

Reviews are still coming in but I can guarantee the third act's denouement is rife with petty cliches of self-hatred, meaningless middle-distance staring, and McDonald's!

I've been an actor in my depression for so long that at this point, I try to treat it like a broken leg.

It sucks. I cry. I can't do all the things I usually do.

But I will heal and I will walk again.

(And I'll definitely write in my gratitude journal that I am lucky to have two legs to begin with.)

If you're in the midst of your own seasonal performance, your own depression, your own survival strategy: I feel you, I'm alongside you, and I hope with all my heart your healing hurries up.

I've got a workshop for that.

In other news: I have, for the most part, been behaving myself out in public!

I've been running some really exciting workshops to foster and reignite creativity and solve some deep interpersonal and nearly extraterrestrial issues amongst teams. Very juicy stuff.

(P.S. If you're "back to work" and feel like you and your colleagues need some super fun soul searching, burnout management, or secret fuck the system gathering: hit me up because I will absolutely create a workshop just for you.)

Even better news: in case you missed my Creative Mornings Virtual Field Trip workshop, How to Value Yourself (and Ask For Money!) I'll be live on the zoom-a-zoom-zoom once again for a reprise on October 19th.

This time it will be in partnership with Mailchimp & Co and feature an extra special section that maybe rhymes with moleblay? Oooooh!

I'll send you the registration details when they are live. Promise.

After that, I'll be releasing my Email Marketing 101 (probably not the final title but you know, depression, staring into space, yada yada) and Launch Yourself digital courses. Aaaaaaah!

And because of all this, I'm 99% sure I'll be selling a perfectly adequate coffee mug that says "I entered the creator economy and all I got was this stupid mug." 🪄

So much to look forward to. Once I break this sad trombone!

Until then, go ahead and ask for extra "oreos" in your McFlurry.